HPE Series: 5 Blog series on High Performance Environment and Mindfulness

As a performance psychologist interested in Mindfulness, I have been reading a lot on developing a mindful HPE.

This May 2017 I will be talking about mindfulness in a HPE through all social media platforms, addressing mindfulness in different HPEs such as:

  1. Premier League Teams: Case Study IPL
  2. Corporate Sales Teams
  3. Law Firms
  4. Olympic Teams

We will take 8 points to see how can we improve HPEs, through mindfulness:

(1) the critical turning point (Critical Moments),

(2) flexibility and evolution (change),

(3) dual management,

(4) better people make better teams,

(5) responsibility,

(6) leadership,

(7) expectation of excellence

(8) team cohesion.

Starting this week, lets dwell into HPE, watch this space to know more about it 🙂 Mindful performance


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